Create vouchers – easy import now available!

Before creating a voucher, you have to active the use of vouchers, in Payment settings -> general settings:

Voucher 1

Now you are ready to create the voucher. Either you create the voucher one by one, or you import a csv file.

Create a voucher one by one

Vouchers can be linked to the full order or a certain billing item – it can be a percentage or a certain amount.

Voucher 2

If your voucher code is linked to a certain billing item, you first have to create this billing item. For guidance to create billing items, click here.

Voucher 3


Import vouchers

If you have many vouchers at your event, then you can create a csv UTF8 file, and import many in one single upload.

Go to tools -> import -> download import file template and start to build up your file.

When filled in, it could look like this example:


Voucher type – this indicate if the voucher you are creating is on billing item level or order level.  ”B” = billing item. “O” = Order.

Voucher name – name of the Voucher, so you as an organizer can identify it in the Eventcenter.

Discount type – This indicate if the discount should be a percentage or an amount.P” = percentage. “A” = amount.

Voucher code – Voucher code that must be used by the attendee, when they register, to activate the discount.

Expiry date – If the voucher has an expiery date, then this date must be entered. If left blank/0000-00-00, the voucher will not expire.

Number of usage – Enter how many times the voucher code can be used. Empty is equal to unlimited.

Item ID – Only used for Voucher type “B” and is referring to the billing item id. The billing ID, you find here: Billing items -> click edit on the relevant billing item.

Item name – name of the billing item (not mandatory)