Email templates – Invites

In this guide you will find a brief description of the below email templates:


Registration invite:

This email is sent from “Add attendees for registration” after uploading the list of attendees/guests you wish to invite to register. To send out the registration invitation, you need to enter a first name and a valid email address of the guest.

Purpose of this email, is to inform the guests about the event and provide a registration link to register.

APP invite:

This email can be issued from 2 places in the system:

  1. If you have set up a “billing registration”, this email is generated automatically as a confirmation to the attendee that the registration has been successful.
  2. If you don’t have a “billing registration” OR the “billing registration” has ended, you can send this email to everybody listed on the attendees list. You send it from the module “attendees” -> “App invite”

Registration verification:

This email is issued automatically as a registration confirmation, if you have set up a “free registration” event without “registration items”.

Purpose is to ensure the attendee that registration has been successful.

Identity verification:

Will be issued automatically after the attendee has registered, if you have activated this in Attendees -> settings. If this setting is ON, after registration we send this email template to ask user to verify his email account. This email contains a verification link. If verified, the attendee will then have completed the registration and the Registration verification email or Free registration email will be sent, depending on the type of registration site you have set up.

Purpose is to verify the attendee is who they claim they are. Only possible with “Free registration” events.