Hub Administrator for sponsor and exhibitor profiles – NEW!

To make it easy for sponsors and exhibitors to brand themselves and update their profiles in the Eventbuizz app, here comes Hub Center for Company profiles.

This gives your sponsors and/or exhibitors and exclusive opportunity to brand them selves, and you are giving the full responsibility to do so.


How to – organizer?

As always, create the sponsor or exhibitor profile in Eventbuizz Center. You will only have to type in the exhibitor name, as you soon will give the exhibitor access to fill in the rest and update.

After you go to Hub Admins – Listing from your main menu – + Add:

Create new hub admin and after click on the 3 dots, to assign the exhibitor profile you’ve created for them:

To assign the exhibitor profile to the Hub administrator, make sure you have chosen the correct event from the list and then click the profile ‘assign’ so that they are on the right site:


When you assign an exhibitor profile to the Hub Admin, it triggers an email sent to the administrator, like this:


How to – Hub Admin?

Click on the link recieved in the email and login with your email and given password:

Choose the event that you are adding content to exhibitor profile for:

Company profile: Here is the exact same info and logo fields as in your Event Center access. Only different is, that here it is the exhibitor who fill in the data:

Leads & sign up forms: If you are capturing leads during an event, here the exhibitor will be able to find and export the total list afterwards. From “Form list” they can add a form with multiple questions in:

Booth staff: Here the exhibitor can create staff profiles to be shown in their Eventbuizz exhibitor profile:

Marketing collaterals: Here the exhibitor can add multiple flyers, description, videos etc. to their profiles. These are uploaded to the Document library in the app as well:


How to – attendee?

In the app, the attendee will almost have the same view of the exhibitor profile as before the Hub Admin. Only now, the Live survey is available (when exhibitor has created one).                                           Replying the survey:



How to – gather response?

When an attendee has replied to a survey form, like we just did in this example, the Hub Admin will find the result in ‘Response summary’. Click on a response to find the details:


As organizer you benefit from this new Hub Admin by not having to gather logos in the correct form and keep replying sponsors or exhibitors on any requests. Instead you make them responsible for their own profile and content, only supervising them when needed. We hope you will enjoy this 🙂

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions regarding this new Hub Administrator for sponsor and exhibitor profiles,