Import contact persons for Exhibitors and Sponsors – NEW

Now you can do some excel magic, and easily import the contact persons for all exhibitors and/or sponsors at once.
This is to make the process easier when you have many exhibitors or sponsors and/or contact persons. You can still add them per exhibitor/sponsor or by typing the name of the contact person when editing the single exhibitor or sponsor.

Remember to have all the contact persons on your attendee list before importing them to the specific exhibitors and/or sponsors.

In the following guide, we show how to import contact person to exhibitors, and then you will know, that you do it the exact same way for the sponsors.

  • First of all, go to the Exhibitors list and export the list of exhibitors in order to have the Exhibitors ID:

From the excel sheet:
Exhibitor ID   Name
14263             Eventbuizz company
14264             Event testing

  • Then choose “import contact persons” from Tools:






…and ‘download import file template’

  • Fill in the exhibitors ID, Exhibitors Name and contact persons information

  • Save as csv-file and import the list
  • Go to one exhibitor and ‘edit’ to see the contact person for a specific one (Contact person):