Builder for Email templates – NEW!

Email templates now works as an email builder where you drag and drop the content in your template, and edit each block you dragged to your email. This is a new opportunity for you to customize your email communication even more. And the best part, it only takes few minutes, and everyone can manage!

If you are working on an Event created before March 20th, the email templates are still to be managed as usual. Here is a video guide for creating and editing the Invitation email template: Video

This guide will also be based on the Invitation Email, but the process is the same for all the other templates. Have a look at the following guide and do not hesitate to try it yourself, and find that it is straight forward.

How it works

Go to Email templates and click on ‘Edit’:

Then you have this panel below, with the email template to your left and the content blocks on your right site, which you can drag and drop directly into you template.

If you need to change the text, you just click on the text in your template, and edit it from the right site ‘edit’ block.


When you have the block, you can choose to; edit the content of that block, duplicate the block or delete that block. When you edit a block, you can always immediately see the changes. And then decide to save or cancel the changes.


Content – pay attention to the dynamic fields to use or just write a text or insert another event logo you like.

Style – Try to type another px size in ‘Padding top’ and see the effect on your email template on your left site.


Heading Event name


Heading Organized by



Content – Upload an image from your computer or find in the media library with all you previous images uploaded.

Style – Choose between different layouts and padding between previous content and the image.


Content – Type the URL for the video and link directly to YouTube or Vimeo.



Button: (insert to template)

Content – Insert text and link to some url. Manage colour, size and more.

Style – how many buttons needed (you can also add another button from the builder)

Social Follow: (insert to template)

Content – Type your company or event specific page for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Style – Consider the icon style and place in center, left or right.

Code: (insert to template)

Manage you email template by code/HTML