Sub registrations

The module Sub registrations can be used as a part of the registration process or in relation to the web-app.

Video guide: Sub-registrations – registration site – click here

Video guide: Sub-registrations – web app – click here


Settings in sub registrations

Start by adjusting the settings by activating the questions in the correct place. Check the guide for Sub registrations settings here

Important! Remember that the module ‘sub registrations’ must be activated, in order to show the questions in the registration flow. You activate the module in: Setting -> Section -> customize app modules.

Create sub registrations

Sub reg 2


sub reg 3

Link sub registrations to program sessions

If you have already completed your registration process, you are still able to ask the attendees to sign up for workshops or breakout sessions.

sub reg 4

When attendees choose their workshop in the app, they can see the choice in ‘My program’.

sub reg 5

Extract attendees sub registrations

You can extract the attendee’s answers in the module Sub registrations.

sub reg 6

If you have applied the questions as a part of the registration process, you can also extract the answers as a part of the CSV file in order history/billing history -> export single entries.

Edit attendees sub registrations

You can edit attendees sub registrations or allow attendees to change their sub registrations – remember to adjust the settings. They can do so, in the app or by logging on to the registration site.

In app:

sub att

On registration site:

sub reg 2

You can edit the attendees sub registrations here:

sub 1

sub 2

sub 3