Payment settings – General settings !Attention, new Purchase policy setting

Adjust your general settings to make sure it matches your needs

Your Pay gateway

Swedbank payment gateway

Payment card setup

Purchase policy

This is required information and should be maintain by the organizer. The default text is just a template for you to customize. 

The attendee need to accept the policy in order to complete the registration. Click on “Purchase policy” and read your text.

Invoice setup

Customizing the Invoice, is only possible when you have an event where the system creates invoices. But, if you want to customize the order confirmation also, here is a trick for you:

  1. Change your general setting to create invoices instead of order confirmation
  2. Customize your order confirmation (Invoice)
  3. Change back your general setting to order confirmations.

Be aware that this can only be done as long as no orders are to be found on the Billing list already – so it must be done before you open your regitration. If you have some test orders in the system, then archive these.


Billing list