Happy New Year from Eventbuizz

The year 2022 was one of the busiest years Eventbuizz has seen, with several major redesigns of our software and a whole range of new features introduced.

But we are of course not stopping there. In 2023 we will introduce some of the biggest changes in our software to date, making it easier and faster than ever to make events of all kinds – physical, virtual and everything in between.

Here is a list of the major features we added throughout 2022, and keep an eye out for exciting new features in the new year:

  • (Event Center) – New events listing layout
  • (Event Center) – SMS history in eventcenter
  • (Event Center) – Rearrange of attendee fields and settings
  • (Event Center) – Sub-registration, session registration mode
  • (Event Center) – Polls & survey new results overview
  • (Event Center) – Surveys on registration site my account
  • (Event Center) – Single projector for request to speak
  • (Event Center) – Q&A module, line number and paragraph number implementation
  • (Event Center) – Replace delegate feature
  • (Event Center) – Setting to control auto checkout at midnight
  • (Event Center) – nomail.com – our system will not send any email containing this domain. (Eventcenter + API)
  • (Event Center) – Documents module, linked with groups
  • (Event Center) – Information pages, new module with option to control visibility in app and eventsite
  • (Event Center) – Campaign public URL + subscription feature
  • (Event Center) – Membership module – validate if a attendee is a member
  • (Event Center / App) – Use external website URL to see details instead off EventBuizz
  • (Registration form) – Autofill city based on postcode
  • (Leads app) – Standalone mode
  • (PlugnPlay) – Polls leaderboard implementation
  • (Exhibitor portal) – News module, linked with event
  • (APP) – My order in web/native apps
  • (APP) – Checkin – custom export
  • (APP) – Checkin module, new types of checkins options and history
  • (APP) – Checkin app, parallel checkin feature
  • (APP) – Checkin app updates, with printer, checkin only and checkout only modes
  • (APP) – Checkin app, set specific user level permissions
  • (APP) – Native apps: show QR code during app loading
  • (APP) – Native apps, network interest online mode
  • (APP) – Native apps, sub-registration online mode
  • (APP) – Native apps, sponsor/exhibitor surveys
  • (APP) – Native apps, polls & surveys with webview mode
  • (API) -Create Order API

Major upcoming in 2023 – stay tuned:

  • New registration site introducing different themes
  • New registration form
  • Form based registration
  • Invitation mail form based
  • Confirmation mail form based
  • Hotel module form based
  • Sub-registration form based
  • Billing items form based
  • New native and web-app