Happy New Year from Eventbuizz

Time to look back on a somewhat special year 2020. A year we will never forget, for better and worse. But also, a year that challenge us all and for Eventbuizz, we have adapted to a time of working from home and with hybrid and virtual events. That is why we have, among other things, developed Eventbuizz Virtual, to meet the needs of time and the opportunity  for you to run events despite minor permitted gatherings. We know you were challenged too, and we hope you could benefit from some of our initiatives. A special thank you to those of you who have been involved in our journey and used Eventbuizz in a new way.

Here goes an Eventbuizz status of 2020 and upcoming 2021…

List 1. a long list of smaller and bigger improvements and developments during 2020:
(You will find more info about these features here: https://support.eventbuizz.com/news-updates)

  • NEW Product for Small Events called “plugNplay”
  • Clone plugNplay events including attendees, programme etc.
  • Event center translated to Danish
  • Email builder with more intuitive user interface
  • Improvement of confirmation email templates, the same for free and paid events called “Registration confirmation”
  • Two factor authentication code to sign in to Registration site, App and Administrator site
  • Attendee log in using NemID
  • Face id and touch id for easy log in
  • Check-in scanning, also for breakouts and workshops
  • Credit Note automatic notification to collect/refund attendees (optional)
  • Differentiated VAT on billing items
  • Leads Management has new sign up by the sponsor/exhibitor themselves.
  • Anonymous poll and survey questions
  • More result views for polls and surveys
  • Customize attendee lists for export. Get rid of empty data fields
  • Gather subscribers for Newsletter directly in registration flow
  • GDPR email notification to organizer when attendee do not accept
  • Assign attendee automatically to one or more group in registration
  • Import updates to program sessions, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Matrix questions for survey, polls and sub registrations
  • Eventbuizz Virtual, a new desktop version with live or recorded video along with app features

List 2. a list of improvements and developments in process at the beginning of 2021:
(stay tuned, we will update you in more Newsletters very soon)

  • Help Desk module – like Q&A module, just not connected to program sessions
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Hub – enable the exhibitor/sponsor themselves to login to their profiles and add content like logo, sales representatives, marketing material, polls, survey, and contact details
  • Eventbuizz Virtual 2.0 – improved design, surface, and user options
  • Breakout sessions in Eventbuizz Virtual – enable more sessions going on at ones. A moderator is handling the speak and video within the breakout sessions, and also slide sharing when at the same time staying in the same virtual event. Most importantly – one system, you do not need to install additional programs


Last, but not least, we wish you all a Happy New Year!
Eventbuizz Team