Important change to default settings on GDPR

Eventbuizz, have decided to change the current default settings on GDPR by enabling the most restrictive setting right from the beginning of event creation in our platform. By this, we ensure that all users on Eventbuizz do not forget to decide the GDPR policy or enable the GDPR consent settings in the Event Centre. This means if your participants choose not to accept your GDPR policy they will not appear at all on the registration website participant list, large screens in conference hall and in the app. Unless you proactively change the settings to be less restrictive in the Event Centre. Please note the participants have always an option to change their GDPR consent settings.

Please note if you copy a previous event or have already created an event in the Event Centre make sure that the GDPR consent settings are enabled. For future events this setting will be enabled automatically. We expect to roll out this change in our upcoming release on Tuesday, 8th October (next week). We will inform you once again once this release and change is live.

We recommend that all users working on Eventbuizz receive this information and receive the necessary instructions from your management and legal department for handling of personal data, since you as event organizer are data responsible and Eventbuizz is data processor.

If you have any further questions about the impact of this change in settings on your events, you are welcome to contact us on

We thank you for your understanding as this initiative will actively force you to decide your GDPR policy and settings for each event.

Please click here to read more about how the GDPR module works.

Team Eventbuizz