SMS templates

You are probably already familiar with Email templates to communicate with your attendees, sponsors etc. For some purpose, you can also or instead, sent out a SMS text. The SMS template is simple and short, meaning no pictures, only content and links.

For example when you are going to sent out the App Invite, you will have these three options:

  • Send invitation with email
  • Send invitation with sms
  • Send out invitation with email & sms

How to create the sms template?
  1. Go to: Templates –> SMS templates –> Invites –> App invite
  2. Subject is for your own overview, it is not shown to the receiver off the sms text. The sender is what you typed in “SMS sender” when you created the event.
  3. You can build your template with the dynamics field and text. You can also add another link, like in this example below.

By the way, the SMS templates are less than the email templates, but those sms’ there are, are all sent out from same place as the similar email.

Important: Additional charges will be applied for each SMS. Please contact if you need more info.