Lead scanner signup made easier!

A new module has been added to the Event Center called ‘Leads management’, and it provides the Sponsor/Exhibitor option to signup up for lead capturing directly from the app without been assign/listed as a contact person on a Sponsor/Exhibitor profile. This minimize the effort and workload for the organizer and the organizers will always know who is present for the lead capturing on the booth.

Find the full guide here for how to setup the lead app.

Launch the Eventbuizz Lead scanner app and now you can choose “New here? Sign up” and get started right away. Provide the Sponsor/Exhibitor with the Event code and they can signup them self by entering details as: Full name, Email, Phone number and password into the app. They will then receive an authentication code on the provided phone number which need to be entered in order to activate the user.
That’s it!Where do I find and manage ‘Leads management’ in the Event Center? In Modules. If your event is created before March 3rd 2020 and you would like to have the ‘Leads management’ option added to your event, please send an email to support@eventbuizz.com an provide us the event name.

Can I still add contact persons to the Sponsor/Exhibitor profile and have the contact person’s to login in as usual? Yes. If you prefer, you can still follow this guide to create contact person’s and login with their profile.