Improved and more secure Leads Management – Update

The organizer now have more options to manage the security level of the Leads user, so you can choose to validate the users that would like to have access to your event.

What are the extra cool Leads user features?

  • Additional ‘Verification code’ is required for  lead user signup
  • Signup with organizer approval – generates an email notification for the organizer, asking to go to the Event Center and validate the new user. And a confirmation email is sent to the Leads user when being approved
  • Leads users can login with authorization code (like for attendees)
  • Organizer decides to manage the Leads users in new or old version (old version with contact persons)

Handle new Leads users from Leads management module and approve them, like this:

Go to the Event Center and check out Leads management already today, and find a simple guide here