New features and native app update

Native app update

The following modules and functionalities have become available in the native apps:

  • Additional information
  • General information
  • Chat
  • Disclaimer in connection with login
  • My events is now available on the main menu, along with all the other activated modules. Before My events was only available through Settings. You are now also able to change the order of the modules, just as you have always been able to, in the web-app.

You can always access our App feature list in the event center, to see which modules are available in our native apps.

-> Help -> App feature list

App features list

Label search field

Finding labels can sometimes be a bit of a challenge in the event center, so hopefully our new search field will make it much easier for you.

By example, you want to change the label invoice:

The system now shows you all the places this label appears, making it much easier for you to change or remove a certain label.

Sharing link on social medias

If you are sharing your registration link on the social medias, you can now determine which image should be visible together with the link. You upload this image in Branding.

On facebook, it would look like this: