Upcoming and released features in 2020

At Eventbuizz, we constantly strive to improve our event app and registration platform to the great benefit of our customers. The year 2020 is no exception and beside our regular annual updates, we are working hard towards launch of new great features this year. We will go a long way to ensure a good user experience and translate your challenges and manual processes into new user-friendly technology. Our aim is to ease the day to day workload for our users by constantly developing new features that makes you work smarter and faster. Not to forget most of our initiatives are based on your great feedback. Thank you very much for all your inputs and great ideas. We are happy to announce following new improvements, features and products to be launched in 2020:

NEW Product for Small Events (coming soon)
”Plug n Play” is a brand new groundbreaking product by Eventbuizz that targets small and frequent events with low complexity. On “Plug n Play” you will be able to build events in no time by using world’s most user friendly “step by step” event creation guide which helps you make awesome events without any prior training. Stay tuned as more information will follow soon.

Event centre in Danish (coming soon)
The Event centre/admin will be translated and released in full Danish version soon.

Signup flow (coming soon)
Soon we will launch new and improved sign-up flow that has got a whole new contemporary design and a new and more logical user interface (UI/UX).

Badge module (coming soon)
Soon we will launch a brand new and improved badge module with a brand new design and user interface.

Email builder (coming soon)
Soon we will launch a brand new email builder with a very intuitive user interface that allows you to design beautiful emails and invitations without having to code or getting help from a graphic designer.

Two factor authentication (released)
What is two-factor authentication? Today, we only use one authentication step, one password, to log in on our apps. This means that if an unauthorized person gets hold of the password, then you can easily access the account. With two-factor authentication, we’ve added another step in the log-in process that authenticates you.

Face id and touch id (released)
Face id and touch id is more convenient and will make your delegates login quicker.

Check-in scanning for breakouts and workshops (released)
Soon you will be able to scan your participants for breakouts and workshops with our check-in apps. This will ensure that you only allow access for participants who have signed up for the individual breakouts and workshops. It will also give you full control and quick overview of who has participated in the individual breakouts and workshops.

Invoice improvements (released on 23.01.2020)
Invoice design has been improved. In addition, invoices paid by credit card will automatically have a watermark with following text: “PAID”. This makes it easy for the delegates and its finance department to visually see that this invoice has already been paid. This will reduce the risk of paying the same invoice twice.

Improvement of confirmation email templates (released on 23.01.2020)
Previously, there were several different confirmation email templates, but now they are replaced with only one confirmation email template. The same template can now be used for free and paid events. The new template is named: “Registration confirmation”.