Social wall & activity feed for your next Event

Now available on App Store, Google Play and HTML5.

Creating and maintaining a high level of interest at your events can be challenging, maybe even daunting for some event marketers.

Social wall could help put your mind at ease. Have your different social media feeds appear on various displays via Eventbuizz to save your time and effort. Create more engaging experiences at your events. Spark discussions.

Real-time updates, extra content and sponsorship
Keep your attendees in the loop with regular updates on screen. You could even show your social media feed, share related content and generate awareness for upcoming events. Promote your current event, and pave the way for the future. You could even offer to feature your sponsors’ content to increase their outreach during your event.

Discussions and conversations
Engage your attendees by posing them questions or throwing out topics for them to discuss. Drive your event’s conversations with interesting ideas and views. Take it up a few notches with competitions.

Social media walls are definitely one of the more effective tools in engaging attendees at your event. Get their attention. Tickle their thoughts and have them participate actively through conversation.

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