22/12 2018 – Eventbuizz is closed for maintenance

The 22/12 2018, Eventbuizz will be closed down in order to update our system with new and important updates and features. It will not be possible to access neither the back end, event apps or event registration sites. If your customers try to access these sites, there will be a notification saying:

“Sorry for the inconvenience, we are performing some important maintenance the 22/12-2018 until 17:00”

So why do we need to shut down completely?

We have some exciting improvements and new features, both regarding the registration site & app, which requires that we shut down the system, in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Registration site – updates:

“Add attendee – free registration“. you will now be able to activate this possibility for free registration events – until now, this has only been available for billing events.

You activate/deactive it here:

“Edit order”. If you need to edit an order, it will look a bit different than before. Click here for more information.

“Content upload”. Instead of having to navigate to ‘Modules’, you will now be able to access the registration site relevant modules, in the ‘Reg. site’ menus. If you are also using the app, the information will automatically been show there also – just like before.


App – updates

“Cloud sentence”. For a while, it has been possible to make a Word cloud – as a view option for polls and surveys. Now you can also make a “Sentence cloud”

Read more here about both Cloud options.