New cool Checkin App feature!

We have update our Check-in Application with new features. With this latest update you can perform check in and out functions on following areas, which will enable better control and new opportunities:

Event – Check-in and out your attendees to an event, like an entrance ticket.
Program session – Check-in and out your attendees to a specific program session with and without validation.
Attendee group – You can now check-in and out attendees by group.
Ticket – You can link check in feature with your order tickets and on time, check if specific attendee has registered for it.

In the app you can now choose
from the Check-in mode, like this:

Then choose a Program and  which
program to check-in the attendee to:

This new feature will not only make it easy to have an overview of attendees present at the event, but also gives you the opportunity to manage no-show fee’s or to open up a ticket for others present at the event.

For more information, click here

We hope you will enjoy this new opportunity to manage your future events.