Customize your registration site and flow

Learn how to customize your registration site, activate or deactivate settings, upload banners and edit labels.

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Registration Site Top menu

In this section you can rearrange and rename the ”Top menu” on the registration site and activate/deactivate the menus.

Please note it is not possible to add a custom menu.


You can have several top site banners running in a loop on your registration site. Just make sure that all banners have the same height.

More information for settings, click here

Event description

Event description that is displayed on the registration site.

The description field can also include YouTube videos as iframes.
Be aware that iframes and images you upload in any description field, will not automatically be resized. So test on several devices and adjust accordingly








Registration site front page – customize sections 

The main page of the registration site is divided in different sections and these sections can be rearrange or turned off from the Eventcenter. Simply click the arrows on the left side of the individual sections and drag them up or down to change the order in which they appear.

Free registration items

When you want attendees to select their registration from more options, for example attending dinner or a specific workshop, you can easily set up the items to choose from in the registration flow.

Free registration fields

Select all the information you require from your attendees when signing up. First name and email are mandatory.

Free registration settings

In the Free registration settings you can change what the items link to, meaning what you can choose from when signing up. Also find other general settings for registration here.

For more simple questions during the Free registration, you can instead of ‘items’ use the ‘Sub Registration’ questions to be asked. Read more

Billing registration

Find the guides for settings here:

Create billing items

General payment settings

Group discount settings

Early bird billing settings